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For sale is one oil sump plate complete with a metric M12x1.75 magnetic drain plug and washer. This sump plate will fit a early style  (65-83) Porsche 911 engine. The plate is CNC Milled from  6061 Aluminum and designed to fasten to your engine with no grinding or modifications required. Never again will you have to drop your sump plate to get the last bit of oil out of your engine during an oil change, the aluminum sump plate is designed to drain all of your oil completely with minimum effort. The M12x1.75 drain plug is a relatively common size of plug allowing you to source a new one locally if you happen to loose one during an oil change. The cooling fins on the sump plate are designed to improve oil cooling while closely matching the engine cases cooling fins. The sump plate after machining is given a Sand Cast surface finish by glass beading.  I offer free shipping within CANADA or the U.S.A. For overseas customers shipping will be an additional $15 If you have any further questions please send me a message, I'm always happy to talk to fellow Porsche fans.

Early (65-83) Porsche 911 Sump Plate

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